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Bethanya reaches out to the elderly, who have been abandoned and destitute; in order to assure them a healthy and dignified retired life.

One of the handicaps of urbanization is that one does not have time for family. Day after day, we see elderly people being abandoned by their own families, and forced to enter the streets into extreme deprivation. Although several organizations run homes wherein the destitute elderly are provided food, shelter, and medical care, most of the elders staying in such facilities live lonely, unhappy lives.

At present, we offer a cozy home for senior citizens who have either become orphaned or have been abandoned by their families. Located at Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore, the Home now houses nearly 20 destitute elderly women. The Home caters to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of its residents.

The salient features of the Home include:

  • ★  Nutritious and healthy meals, in keeping with the health conditions of the residents
  • ★  A comfortable room with necessary infrastructure
  • ★  Extensive medical care, including weekly medical check-ups and treatment as required
  • ★  Round the clock monitoring by professionally-trained geriatric nurses
  • ★  Counseling and psycho-emotional support from professionals
  • ★  Recreational trips and opportunities to practice hobbies and other interests

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Bethanya’s Senior Citizen Outreach aims to provide utmost love and care to the elderly living in poverty, Most of these elders live with their families, but still face isolation on a daily basis. Bethanya organizes monthly get-togethers in the villages of beneficiaries, where they are able to interact and spend quality time with the Bethanya staff. They are also able to share their feelings, talk about their problems and feel cared for. In addition to this, they are also given a monthly pension to help take care of their daily needs. At present, Bethanya supports over 65 elderly people at Tharangambadi and Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.

With Bethanya’s Vision becoming more sensitive to the importance of Children's and families, the Bethanya Children's Home is proposed to be replaced by an integrated village. This village will have a capacity to house nearly 300 Children's in a family setting created just for them. Their families would include orphaned Elder's , Parents , children and destitute women, who are also deprived of families. The aim of the integrated village will be to provide Children's and families for those who do not have one.

Unlike the Children's Home, this village will foster healthier relationships, minimizing feelings of isolation and loneliness which are widely experienced by Children's, Senior citizens who live apart from their families. In this way, they will be able to lead dignified and active lives.

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“love your neighbor as yourself.”( Lev. 19:18 )