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Bethanya health outreach projects aim to make quality healthcare affordable to the poor, even in the remotest of communities.

Health is one of Bethanya primary areas of focus. Our aim is to promote health and prevent disease in the country, especially among communities that cannot afford to splurge on healthcare services. We do this through our own healthcare institutions, which offer quality healthcare either free of cost or at subsidized rates. We also create awareness among the communities in which we work, so that they can incorporate healthy lifestyles.

Proposed Bethanya Hospital

The Bethanya Hospital is to bridge the gap between quality and affordability of healthcare services , Location would be in Andhra Pradesh , the hospital will offer affordable healthcare to the poor.

The salient features of the hospital are:

  • ⦿  Outpatient capacity of 150 patients
  • ⦿  Inpatient facility, with 45 beds, soon to be expanded to a capacity of 150
  • ⦿  Experienced and well-trained medical team
  • ⦿  Both surgical and diagnostic treatment facilities
  • ⦿  State-of-the art endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical facilities
  • ⦿  Dental and physiotherapy services
  • ⦿  Pain Relief Centre with expert physiotherapists provides treatment and therapy for persons with muscular pain, joint pain and other physical disabilities

The Bethanya Medical Centre is an extension of the Community Hospital and provides subsidized healthcare services to the economically backward living in city.

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Transformation Centre

Bethanya recognizes that a healthy mind is as vital as a healthy body.

We cater to the psychological needs of persons through the Transformation Center, The Transformation Center is a counseling, guidance, and drug rehabilitation center which functions to support the psychological well-being and quality of life of school and college students as well as communities in the region in and around Chennai, Andhra Pradesh.

The following services are offered by the Transformation Center:

  • ⦿  Counseling for students, couples, and families on personal issues
  • ⦿  Training in values education in schools, college hostels and communities
  • ⦿  Student enrichment programs in schools
  • ⦿  Knowledge sharing and awareness among primary care givers of sick/differently-abled persons
  • ⦿  Drug rehab helping individuals under the influence of alcohol or substance abuse

Camps and Campaigns

We ensure community involvement in a range of our health programs

Medical and surgical camps are organized by Bethanya for the benefit of communities which are far from healthcare facilities, and also those people who cannot afford regular checkups.

Blood Donation Camps are organized jointly with blood banks, in aid of Thalassemia patients every year. These camps are conducted in urban settings and encourage donors to contribute toward saving human lives.

Bethanya conducts health awareness campaigns in schools, among youth groups, and women in the communities we work with, stressing good hygiene, cleanliness, and healthy diet. We also raise awareness about the causes, symptoms, treatment and preventative methods for various diseases.

Motivated women from the Bethanya adopted villages, who have a thirst for learning and a passion to serve their communities are specifically trained by Bethanya to become Community Health Facilitators. They act as health ambassadors, promoting health and preventing disease in their own local communities.

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At Bethanya, we understand the challenges faced by persons with HIV/AIDS, and do our best to help them live healthy and happy lives.

Currently, we are providing support to over 120 children living with HIV/AIDS and seeking treatment at the government ART centers in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.

The following services are offered by Bethanya:

Nutritional Supplements: On a monthly basis, children are provided with nutritional supplements required in their diet to keep them healthy despite their failed immune system.

Scholarships: Monthly scholarships support these children in their education, as most of their savings are spent on healthcare needs.

Psycho-social support: Through home visits and one-on-one and family counseling, psycho-social support is provided by Bethanya to these children.

Awareness against infections: As these children are especially susceptible to opportunistic infections and diseases, we conduct awareness sessions to help them stay healthy.

“love your neighbor as yourself.”( Lev. 19:18 )