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Bethanya’s countrywide network of volunteers responds to the need for relief, providing basic provisions and financial assistance to those affected by natural disasters.

India still has a long way to go in becoming disaster-proof. With millions of Indians living without proper shelter, the impact of natural disasters like floods, cyclones, and earthquakes is nothing less than devastating. Recognizing this, Bethanya remains ready to provide service in such times of need.

Bethanya brings in quick and effective relief to disaster hit communities.

Working hand-in-hand with local governments and uniting the nation-wide network of Bethanya volunteers, relief is taken to the victims of floods, cyclones, and earthquakes in the form of basic provisions and financial aid. Our relief team has been trained to adhere to Sphere standards.

Relief services include the distribution of the following:

  • ⦿  Food packets
  • ⦿  Grain and other grocery supplies
  • ⦿  Clothing
  • ⦿  Family survival kits
  • ⦿  Medical and healthcare support
  • ⦿  Temporary shelter solutions
  • ⦿  Safe drinking water facilities

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Bethanya invests in the rehabilitation of disaster hit communities.

The following are some of the steps undertaken in the rehabilitation of such communities:

  • Construction of permanent concrete houses
  • Laying of roads
  • Assistance in connecting electricity
  • Livelihood opportunities through the supply of cattle
  • Support for education of children and youngsters
  • Entrepreneurial development programs for women

Moreover, Bethanya has adopted such communities as a whole for their step-by-step transformation into smart villages.

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“love your neighbor as yourself.”( Lev. 19:18 )