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With the vision of an inclusive society, Bethanya trains, counsels, and motivates the differently-abled to lead independent and self-sufficient lives.

Sathya (29), was affected with polio at infancy, abandoned by her husband in her youth, and made homeless when the Thane cyclone hit her village. Her entire life has been a struggle, but despite the odds, she remained determined to live her life independently.

Seeing her grit and determination, Bethanya offered her a helping hand; giving her a concrete home, supporting her children with monthly scholarships and helping her in setting up a Petty Shop( A Outlet Store). Moreover, she was also given a retro-fitted motorcycle. With this new vehicle, Sathya has experienced the true meaning of independence! She does not depend on anyone to purchase supplies for her shop or to take her children to school.

People no longer see her as a helpless woman with a disability, but as a capable entrepreneur. Help someone like Sathya today by contributing to Bethanya programs for the differently-abled.     Sponsor now


Inclusive development: a society that is aware and sensitive to people with disabilities, where each one is given equal opportunity.

Empowerment: where families no longer find the differently-abled as a burden.

WHAT Bethanya DOES

Bethanya supports the differently-abled through training, therapy, special education, and counseling with the aim of helping them to lead independent lives, equipping them to perform their own tasks without having to depend on others. We also create platforms for such persons to live full, active, and meaningful lives.


Assistive devices empower the differently-abled, helping them to become self-sufficient and independent.

Working with the District Rehabilitation Departments, we distribute free assistive devices like retro-fitted motor vehicles, tricycles, hearing-aids, crutches, wheelchairs, etc. These assistive devices empower the differently-abled, helping them to become self-sufficient and independent.

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Bethanya identifies children with various types of intellectual disabilities within the communities and enroll them in the community-based day care centers.

These centers, in addition to training the differently-abled, are also beacons for sensitizing the communities towards those who are disabled. They offer special education specific to the needs of each child, in consultation with their families.

The Bethanya and NIEPMD Extension Centre in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a joint venture by Bethanya in partnership with the National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD).

Professionally trained occupational therapists, speech therapists, and special educators at this center provide treatment and therapy appropriate to the individual conditions of each person free of cost.

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More than 250 differently-abled children participate in the annual sports event – the New Life Foundation (NLF) Special Games. Jointly organized by Bethanya, it aims to break down stereotypes about people with intellectual disabilities and other disabilities, as well as promote social inclusion.

“love your neighbor as yourself.”( Lev. 19:18 )